Some Recent Projects

  • Riverside Abstract

    Is a leading Title Insurance Company in NY and NJ with a particularly strong foothold in commercial real estate throughout the USA. We were hired in 2012 for small project, since then we have developed and rolled out, over 10 public websites, CRM, and Business Operation System for Riverside Abstract's various ventures.

  • Molly‚Äôs Jewelers

    For over two decades, Molly Olshwang has been one of the most trusted names in jewelry in the New York Tri-state area. Now Molly's customers around the world have easy access to shop from their home. No longer do they need to wait for a trip to NY.

  • Birdseye - A Big Data Plarform

    Operators of healthcare and hospitality facilieties know the many moving parts then need to stay on top of. They use a plethora of tools services and third-party resources to manage their operations. Birdseye collects puts all that info in front of those that need it in a way that makes a difference. By highlighting optimization opportunities, Birdseye enables operations teams to hone in on points of exception and misstep before they reach a point of catastrophe

    Birdseye is currently being used in over 30 Healthcare facilities.

  • Wellbee's

    Wellbees is a family operated healthfood manufacturer focused on helping people with Crohn's disease and colitis by providing them with foods that are delicious and nutritious and acceptable on their limited diets.

  • Shas Illuminated

    Illuminating the Daf with Rishonim and Achronim.
    Is the key to bringing your Daf HaYomi to the next level.

  • Therapeutics Unlimited

    Is an outpatient physical therapy provider that has been providing professional rehab services for more than 15 years.